iPad: GlobalProtect Help

GlobalProtect is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that connects your student’s iPad to the APS content filter, ensuring that the iPad cannot access inappropriate content even when on your home network. It is, therefore, this filter be functioning at all times.

Learn more about how APS filters content through GlobalProtect

If GlobalProtect is not connecting properly, use the steps below to resolve the issue or seek help if necessary.

Connect On Demand

Sometimes GlobalProtect gets a little confused, and we can help it along by doing the “Toggle Trick” with the GlobalProtect’s “Connect on Demand” feature.

If GlobalProtect does not connect, try this first. (Source credit: Alyssa Moody, Abingdon Elementary School.)

Open the Settings app by pressing its icon. The icon looks like this:

Settings Icon

On the left, find General and press it. The icon looks like this:

Settings Icon

On the right, you will see a list of options. Find VPN and press it.

Find GlobalProtect, and next to it, press the blue Info Icon. It looks like this:

Blue Info Icon

Toggle “Connect on Demand” to the “Off” position.

Return to the GlobalProtect app, and try to connect again. (If you need help switching apps, view the Switching and Closing Apps page in a new tab. Review it, then close that tab when you’re done to return here.)

If it successfully connects, return to “Connect on Demand” in the Settings app, and return it to the “On” position.

On and Off for iPad settings switches look like this:

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 1.35.09 PM

If this “Toggle Trick” does not resolve your issue, continue on below.

GlobalProtect Help

If GlobalProtect still does not connect, or you cannot use your device normally, watch the video below and try the steps described. (Video credit: Patrick Tien, Long Branch Elementary School.)

If you still cannot connect to GlobalProtect after trying everything above, seek Level 1 Support.

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