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In 2013, Arlington Public Schools launched APS Go! as a comprehensive and long-term Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan for the district.  As described in the Plan, APS Go! is a part of the school district’s efforts to proactively assess and address the transportation needs of the APS community, respond to growth and demand, and develop forward-thinking transportation programs.  The APSGo! TDM Plan was developed through a community-wide, school-driven process and is the first initiative of its kind in the country.  It focuses on the transportation needs of APS students, families and staff while also considering the broader interests of the communities located around APS sites.

Transportation Demand Management focuses on understanding how people make their transportation decisions and helping people use the infrastructure in place for transit, ridesharing (e.g. carpool/vanpool), walking, biking, and school bus.   The APSGo! TDM plan includes a program of information, encouragement and incentives to help the APS community know about and use all their transportation options to optimize all modes in the system so alternatives to driving are naturally encouraged and our systems are better balanced.  By spreading out trips across multiple modes of transportation (walks, bike, school bus, transit, vehicle) we can better utilize the entire available transportation network (sidewalks & trails, school bus, transit, bike lanes, roads) for school trip-making.

Every three years, APS will survey families, staff and students about their transportation decisions to evaluate progress toward our TDM goals.

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APS staff continue to work with the School Board, parents, students and community partners to explore and implement the initiatives presented in the APS Go! Master Plan through initiatives like the Safe Routes to School program and projects like the 2019 Bus Transportation Service Review.