Where’s the Bus App

Arlington Public School buses are equipped with GPS technology that may benefit your household. The WheresTheBus parent app lets you know precisely when your student’s bus will arrive at your bus stop. This app is free to all APS bus riding households. The system also helps APS Transportation efficiently manage our bus fleet.

** On the app, you may need an update from the App Store or Google Play if your app still shows bus number data instead of bus route data.

To get WheresTheBus

  • Go to WheresTheBus.com
  • Click on Create Account, then select Arlington Public Schools (VA)
  • Follow the steps to add your student(s). You will need the student ID and birth date.
  • You can download the WheresTheBus app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). Search for “WheresTheBus”

simulated screenshots of the WheresTheBus app

This service allows one login per household. All household users can log in and use the same account without issue. If a second account is needed, families can email support@wheresthebus.com email and request a second account, and we will set one up as long as they have been authorized or can validate their student’s information.

Additional Information

 WheresTheBus lets you know precisely when your student’s bus will arrive at the bus stop, providing up-to-the-minute arrival time and bus location information.

  • Access WheresTheBus from any Internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.).
  • Avoid the weather and wait for the bus in the comfort of your own home.
  • Eliminate the stress of rushing to the bus stop and wondering where the bus is.

View the WheresTheBus Flyer