2021 Title I Winter Mailbox Books


Welcome! You are here because your child has been selected to participate in the Winter 2021 Title I Mailbox Books Program. As a participant in this family reading program, your child will choose a total of 10 free books based on their reading level and interests from our program partner, Bookworm Central. The books will be mailed to your child at home and are theirs to keep, read, and enjoy often!


Directions for helping your child select their 10 free books:

  1. Talk to your child about the kinds of books they enjoy.
  2. Click here to begin selecting books with your child.
    • Use your child’s APS student ID as the PIN.
  3. Assist your child in searching for books of interest within the reading range recommended by your child’s classroom teacher.
  4. Your child may want to select a book from a different range. That is okay!
    • Rereading favorite books is one way students become better readers.
    • We encourage you to read challenging books with your child.
    • Wordless books are another great option for all readers. Here are some ideas about how to read wordless books together.
  5. After selecting 10 titles, review your order:
    • Correct the mailing address for your books if needed.
    • Enter an email address if you want to receive an email confirmation.
    • Submit before January 24th.
  6. Happy selecting and reading!

These books do not need to be returned. Please add the books to your home library and encourage your child to read and reread them often. Reading together and rereading allow our young readers to practice the skills and strategies that they have learned. Research shows that setting aside just 15-30 minutes every day to read helps students maintain their reading skills. Your child will become a more accurate and fluent reader by reading every day!

Your child might also want to talk about the books with you. Research shows that students who engage in quality conversations develop stronger vocabularies and reading comprehension skills.

Two important things that you and your child can do together at home this Winter: READ and TALK!  


*Our program partner has also created a YouTube video of how their book selection website works. If you would like to watch the video before you and your child begin selecting your child’s books, click here.