Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

Welcome to the Office of Family and Community Engagement!

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Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is an instructional strategy in which schools are committed to creating meaningful partnerships with families to support student academic success.  FACE work is equity work: by fostering equal partnerships between parents and educators, we aim to narrow the achievement and opportunity gaps in APS. The research is resounding: when schools and families work together, students, schools, and the entire Arlington community benefit! 

FACE brings research to action by providing schools, families, and community partners the tools they need to work together so all of Arlington’s children have the opportunity to succeed. With a focus on enhancing both families’ and educators’ capacity, our work is based on best practices and peer-reviewed research and literature.

We actively seek, listen, and engage ALL voices within our community to foster opportunities for all our students! The Arlington County Public Schools School Board recognizes that actively soliciting and listening to all voices within our community is essential to providing opportunities for all of Arlington’s students. Our current strategic plan conveys that developing and supporting strong connections among schools, families, and the community broadens student learning, development, and growth opportunities.

Reference Material: FACE Policy At a Glance   &  Dual Capacity Building  Framework 2019