Arlington STEM Volunteer Program

The Arlington STEM Volunteer Program aims to foster STEM literacy for all students and help prepare students for futures in STEM careers.  An affiliate of the AAAS/SSE STEM Volunteer Program, program professionals commit to volunteering in a school throughout the school year to assist K-12 STEM teachers in their classroom.  Our volunteers work with the classroom teachers to jointly develop activities that take advantage of their unique skills and qualifications.  The Arlington STEM Volunteer Program offers a unique opportunity for both students and volunteers alike. Click here for details and requirements.

Third Grade Science Alternative Assessments

As a result of HB 930, the third grade science SOL test was eliminated, effective with the 2014-2015 school year and has been replaced with district developed alternative assessments.


The Virginia Standards of Learning science documents can be found at the Virginia Department of Education’s website.




  • Access to the above resources varies and is dependent on your teacher assigning you materials.

Summer Learning Opportunities

  • Outdoor Lab Summer Camp
  • Summer School Catalog