Design & Construction

The Arlington Public Schools Department of Design and Construction Services operates under the Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Operations, located at 2770 South Taylor Street, Arlington, VA 22206. In addition to Design and Construction Services, Facilities and Operations manages Plant Operations Services, Maintenance Services, Transportation Services and the Aquatic Centers. The mission of the Department of Facilities and Operations is to ensure that all school facilities are appropriately planned, designed, constructed and operated and that all facilities and equipment are maintained.

Design and Construction Services manages the design and construction of facilities for Arlington Public Schools. Most minor and all major capital improvement projects are contracted out. The planning and design of facilities is performed by architectural/engineering firms under the direction of Design and Construction Services and constructed by contractors. Construction administration is performed jointly by the architect and a construction administration firm with oversight by Design and Construction Services.

Every two years, Arlington Public Schools develops Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to address future facility needs. The CIP responds to requirements for new facilities, additions and renewals of existing schools and other student accommodations as set forth in the Arlington Facilities and Student Accommodation Plan. The CIP also addresses major maintenance and minor capital improvement needs.

Costs and risks of building schools in Arlington County are are subject to multiple factors, some of which are illustrated in the Arlington Public Schools School Cost & Risk Analysis.

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Published December 31, 69 5:00PM