Instructional Best Practices

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The Situation
Some students will be physically present in the classroom and others will attend class via a video-conference platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom for some classes) at the same time with one teacher.

The Challenge
How do we ensure students have the same learning experience—online and in-person?

Providing a distance/hybrid instruction simultaneously is not new—an approach known as the HyFlex (Hybrid-flexible) approach was first created by Brian Beatty, associate professor of instructional technologies at San Francisco State University, in 2006. The HyFlex approach blends online and face-to-face learning environments in order to provide a flexible learning experience for students. The approach takes into account that some students will be 100% online or 100% on site and as a result, learning experiences are adaptable for 100% face-to-face and 100% distance learning. The HyFlex approach is a good blueprint to approach teaching both groups of students simultaneously.