Maps related to the High School Boundary Process

NEW High School Attendance Zone Boundary to take effect September 2017

Map of Planning Units to be Included in Boundary Tool

High School Attendance Zones and Planning Units

High School Attendance Zones and Streets

Neighborhood School by Planning Unit Chart

Wakefield Multimodal Planning Map

Washington-Lee Multimodal Planning Map

Yorktown Multimodal Planning Map

High School boundary refinements are needed as a result of continued enrollment growth at APS. The purpose of the boundary refinements is to balance enrollment among the three comprehensive high schools and better utilize available instructional space. If no refinements are made now, by September 2020 the projected imbalance in high school enrollment is shown below.

high school map

  • Boundary refinements may need to be examined again as enrollment continues to grow and new high school seats become available such as the new 1,300 high school seat project to be completed in 2022 in the adopted FY 2017-26 CIP

A boundary tool is available for the community to develop different scenarios. The map below shows which planning units will be included in the tool. Yorktown HS is on the top in light blue, Washington-Lee HS is in the middle in dark blue, and Wakefield HS is on the bottom in green. Only the Washington-Lee planning units with a white outline and dots will be included in the tool.

Planning Units map