Canvas in a browser – Media Recording

The following directions are for a Media Recording Assignment in Canvas in a browser on the iPad.

  • The Assignment Details page displays information about your assignment. At the top of the page is the Assignment title. Next is the Due date, the number of Points and the submission type which will say a media recording for this type of assignment. The assignment details display below. If there is a Rubric for the assignment it will appear at the bottom.
Canvas browser media recording details
  • When ready students tap on Submit Assignment.
Canvas submit assignment button
  • The Media tab will appear. Tap on the Record / Upload Media button.
Canvas browser record media button
  • The Record Media tab will display an error “Flash required for recording video.” Go to the next tab.
Canvas browser record media flash error
  • Click on the Upload Media tab the Select Video File.
Canvas browser record media select video file
  • In the pop up window tap on Take Photo or Video to activate the Camera app. Tap VIDEO. Press the red circle to record a video and the red square to stop. Tap on Use Video. The video may compress.
  • Tap on Photo Library to choose a pre-recorded video from the camera roll. Tap Done then Use. The video may compress.
  • Tap on Browse to find a file already on the device.
Canvas browser choose photo window
  • Tap Submit Assignment to finish the submission.
Canvas browser media recording submit button

For more information see How to Submit a Media File in the Canvas Guides.