Naming Process for Key School at New Site

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On Feb. 6, 2020, the School Board adopted School Moves. As a result, several schools will shift locations and Key School will open at the current ATS site in fall 2021. Throughout Spring 2021, impacted communities may be engaged in naming or renaming processes to provide name recommendations for the School Board to consider.

Naming Policy

On June 7, 2018, the School Board adopted a revised policy for Naming of Facilities which describes:

  • The criteria for naming facilities
  • How APS manages requests to Rename Schools/Facilities

The revised Policy Implementation Procedures (PIP) describes:

  • The membership of naming/renaming committees
  • The process for the committees

Key School Naming Committee Members

Role Name
Principal, Key School Marleny Perdomo
Parent/Guardian, Key School Carla Toro (Padres Latinos Unidos)
Parent/Guardian, Key School Erin Lester (PTA President-Elect)
Parent/Guardian, Key School Tom Coleman
Teacher, Key School Claudia Samayoa (5th grade)
Administrative Assistant, Key School Teresa Montoya
Gifted Resource Teacher, Key School Micaela Pond (PR Liaison)
Instructional Assistant, Key School Sohany Orellana Montiel
Bluemont Civic Association Allen Norton
At-Large Community Member Shakti Shukla
Staff Liaison (Non-Voting)     Dulce Carrillo, Coordinator of Community Engagement, Department of School and Community Relations

Memo Renaming Key Immersion Committee Names_4.15.21

What to Expect Throughout the Naming Process

  • Meeting schedules will be posted on the Engage section of the APS website
  • Interested members of the community may attend meetings as observers
  • Each committee member will be charged with soliciting input from their corresponding school, neighborhood or community groups
  • Minutes of meetings will be posted on the Engage section of the APS website
  • Community input may be solicited via:
    • School or civic group meetings
    • PTA meetings
    • Input/Surveys from: Students, Parents, Community
    • Engage with APS emails
    • Other input as received

Community Engagement

Community engagement will be, in part, a responsibility of the committee members to solicit recommendations and input from their corresponding constituent groups. Engagement may include:

  • Reaching out to the member that is associated with your group to ask questions or share your ideas
  • Asking a committee member to talk with your group or share the meeting summaries with your group
  • Participating when opportunities arise for the community to provide feedback (through survey or other opportunities)
  • Sharing information on your organization’s listserv or email group


Date Activity
Pre-Engagement: March – April 2021
  • Provide PTAs, Civic Associations with overview of process and how to get involved
  • Publish schedule, contact information for each of the committee members
School Community Engagement: April – May 2021

  • Appoint committee members
  • Establish Committee meeting schedule
  • Develop recommended name with input from the community
School Board Meeting Schedule: April – June 2021
  • Appoint Naming Committee Members – Consent – April 22, 2021
  • Information Item – May 20, 2021
  • Action – June 3, 2021