iPad: I’m Stuck


There are different levels of support, and it’s important to use the right level to get the quickest help. It’s most helpful to do this together with a trusted adult. Find the big, bold heading below that describes your problem, and read that section to find out what to do next.

I’m Not Sure What To Do

The best place to start any time you’re having trouble is directly with the classroom teacher. Emails are available for our staff by clicking on Classroom at the top, then selecting the appropriate grade level. When you click on a teacher’s photo, you’ll find their email as well as their bio.

You can also use a variety of self-help documents for the most common problems. Click the link below to look at the Level 0 Support resources, including those self-help guides. It’s a great place to start!

My iPad Isn’t Working Right

When Level 0 Support doesn’t work, we’re on to asking for help, and for that, we’re in Level 1. The link below will take you to Level 1 Support, where you can request assistance. Please use this procedure after you have tried all self-help Level 0 steps, so we can track your issue and escalate it if need be. Mr. Reeves handles all Level 1 Support issues initially.

My iPad Is Broken

Level 2 Support is reserved only for situations that are beyond the ability of school-based personnel to handle, such as severe physical damage to the device. It is rare to start with a Level 2 Support, so be sure to check out the other resources before proceeding.

If your device is physically damaged, has a broken screen, suffered liquid damage, or will not turn on no matter what, even after charging, you are in Level 2 Support:

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