Every Student Counts

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There are three tiers of support students receive in APS. Tier 1 is the foundation, which meets the academic and social-emotional needs of most students. Tiers 2 and 3 describe the additional services and support provided to students who need more assistance or enrichment in a certain area to demonstrate growth.

ALL STUDENTS Receive High-Quality Instruction

TIER 1: Meets the needs of 80-85% of APS students
Every APS student receives high-quality classroom instruction designed to meet their unique learning needs. Teachers meet in teams to plan and adapt lessons to achieve the best possible outcomes for every student. Across all grade levels, teachers regularly monitor student progress and deliver instruction that builds on each student’s strengths and addresses their needs.

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SOME STUDENTS Receive Extra Assistance

TIER 2: 10-15% of students need this level of support

Students who are not meeting goals in a particular area continue to receive high-quality classroom instruction as well as supplemental support either with their teacher or a specialist in small groups or individually. Read below for more information on the additional support they receive.

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A FEW Students Receive Intensive, Longer-Term Support

TIER 3: 1-5% of students need this level of support
Students significantly below or above goals for their grade level, needing more intense support in identified areas, continue to receive high-quality classroom instruction, along with more intense, longer-term intervention plans. An intervention plan defines the additional support needed to help each student demonstrate growth. Read below for more information on how APS supports students who need this level of support.

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