Curriculum & Instruction

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The Office of Academics provides leadership in the development of curriculum and the implementation of best practices as well as evaluation of the overall instructional program. This includes the required content and skills which students must learn and be able to do in each of the content areas, aligned with national and state standards. The Office of Academics focuses on appropriate professional learning, international and national studies, and local school and community input. Staff works with schools on implementation of instructional practices, methods of assessing student learning, emphasizing a variety of approaches which include objective tests of knowledge and skills as well as more complex measures of students’ abilities to apply what they have learned. These efforts allow school staffs to focus more closely on the needs of the individual students. Staff also serves as liaisons to citizen advisory committees, part of the Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning (ACTL) structure, and works with other citizens, individuals, and family groups to support the instructional program.

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