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About the Working Group

The Arlington County Board and the Arlington Public Schools Board have created a joint working group that will recommend how the Career Center site may be developed in phases to accommodate more high school capacity and new community amenities.

The Working Group will enable a longer-term look at how the site can grow and develop over time, and not just in a single building project, to optimize the use of land and meet community and schools needs in a land-constrained County. It will develop a plan that defines how APS can open 800 new seats at the Career Center by 2022, within funding already approved by the School Board, while providing options for optimizing future development of public facilities within the study area through a phased development plan. The group’s work will begin in December 2017, and submit a progress report or meet with the boards in a work session in February 2018. The working group’s final report will be submitted to both boards in August 2018.

The instructional focus for the Career Center will be addressed by APS in a separate process, as will planning the building for the 700-800 seats.

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