Meeting Dates and Topics

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Below is a tentative list of dates for the CCWG meetings. All meetings are open to the public. (Updated June 1, 2018. Please note that all future meetings will be in the Syphax Ed Center)




Jan. 20 (Sat.) 9a-Noon Career Center and Study Area Site Walking Tour Career Center
Jan. 22 (Mon.) 7-10pm Kick-off Meeting: APS Short- and Long-Term Capacity Needs; Arlington Career Center; Programs and Campus Facilities; Columbia Pike Planning Context, Adopted Vision, and Current Revitalization Efforts Career Center
Jan. 29 (Mon.) 7-10pm Presentations: Profile of a Graduate and High School Development Options Career Center
Feb 21 (Wed.) 7-9:50pm Presentations: Budget/CIP, Library, Black Heritage Museum; Discussion of Framework for Potential Development Scenarios; Development of Subcommittees Career Center
Feb 26 ( Mon.) 7-9:50pm Presentations: Overview of Neighborhood High School Facilities and Amenities and HS Development Options Career Center
Mar 10 (Sat.) 9am – 12:00pm

Group Exercise Reports (cont’d)

Presentations: Career Center Walk Zones, Transportation, and Open Space/Parks and Recreation

Patrick Henry ES
Mar 19 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Presentations: Updated Enrollment Projections for High School Seats, Site Optimization: Establishment of a long-term vision for Career Center campus, Discussion of Working Group Principles Career Center
Apr 10 7-9pm Library subcommittee meeting (Agenda) Career Center, Room 225
Apr 12 (Thurs.) 7-9:50pm Presentations: Library subcommittee update and Group Exercises Syphax Ed Center
Apr 17 (Tue) 6:30-8:30pm Presentation: Joint School Board and County Board Work Session on the CCWG County Board Room, 2100 Clarendon Blvd
Apr 23 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Discussions: Overview of Montessori, Debrief from Joint Work Session, Update on CCWG Milestones Career Center
April 26 (Thu.) 7 – 9pm Cancelled Library Subcommittee meeting Career Center
Apr 30 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm

Presentations: Schedule Overview; Recap of Draft CIP; Introduction to Phasing

Site tour and highlights from 2 APS phased projects

Abingdon ES (3035 S Abingdon St)
May 3 (Thu.) 7 – 9pm Library Subcommittee meeting Career Center
May 17 (Thu.) 7-9:50pm Presentations:Library Subcommittee draft recommendation, Field Space and Athletics New Location! Syphax Ed Center, Room 354
May 21 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Presentations: Summer 2018 Improvements and Project Phasing (revised 6/6/18) Career Center
May 30 (Wed.) 7-9:50pm Cancelled N/A
June 13 (Wed.) 7-9:50pm Presentation: Project Phasing (continued) Syphax Ed Center 453
June 18 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Discussion: CCWG Guiding Principles Syphax Ed Center 452
June 25 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Presentation: Transportation Syphax Ed Center 354
July 23 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Discussion: Draft Outline for the CCWG Report and Guiding Principles Syphax Ed Center 452
Aug 6 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Review and discussion about the CCWG Report Syphax Ed Center 452
Aug 13 (Mon.) 7-9:50pm Review and discussion about the CCWG Report Syphax Ed Center 452
Aug 20 (Mon.) 8-10 a.m. Review of final draft of the CCWG report County Bldg, Cherry/Dogwood Room