Walk Zone Review

Review of Elementary School Walk Zones 

APS staff will develop a plan for elementary school boundaries using a phased approach, which begins by reviewing school walk zones and identifying potential expansions of these zones. We recognize that Arlingtonians are committed to walkable communities and APS seeks to meet Whole Child initiatives on the benefits of walking to school, plus help mitigate increasing transportation costs.

Elementary School Task Groups

APS created a task group for each elementary school to provide input on the current school walk zones and identify any potential areas of expansion.The task group will include representatives from:

  • The Civic Association(s) within a one mile walk distance of the school
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • School Ambassadors on current APS initiatives
  • Advisory Committee on Transportation Choices (ACTC)
  • Joint Committee on Transportation Choices (JCTC), and
  • Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Programs (FAC)

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