Development of the 2021-22 School Year Calendar

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Dec. 3: School Board Approves 2021-22 School Year Calendar

Nov. 17 Superintendent’s Proposed Calendar presented to the School Board for information


APS is seeking community input from families, staff, and community members related to the draft 2021-22 School Year Calendar. A survey was available from October 19, 2020-October 30, 2020. The Calendar Committee met in September to discuss a first draft option and provide input.  The calendar committee is composed of the following members:

  • Representatives from Elementary, Middle and High School Principals
  • Representatives from the Arlington Education Association (teachers and support staff)
  • Four representatives from the County Council of PTAs
  • Representatives from central office departments including: Transportation, Extended Day, Food Services, Teaching and Learning, Information Services, and Human Resources

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Status Updates


Date Activity
September Calendar Committee meets to review first draft of calendar.
October 12-October 30 Human Resources presents information on the calendar development process and draft calendar to internal and external stakeholders
October 19-30 Calendar Survey is open
November 2 Calendar Committee meets to review input
November 17 Superintendent’s Proposed Calendar presented to the School Board for information  |  Option 1 | Option 2
December 3 Superintendent’s Proposed Calendar tentatively scheduled for School Board action

Community Engagement

The community may provide input regarding the calendar in this survey (translation is available through the survey tool).


Will APS recommend a pre-Labor Day start again this year?

Yes, this calendar proposes a start prior to Labor Day.  The start to the 2020-2021 school year was scheduled to be prior to Labor Day, but was moved in order to allow staff to better prepare to deliver distance learning due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The school year starts a full week earlier than the 2020-2021 school year was originally proposed to start, but ends close to the same time.

Why doesn’t it end earlier?

Because APS will recognize four additional holidays and restore two full days for elementary parent-teacher conferences, that time must be made up somewhere.

Why is it important to align calendars to neighboring jurisdictions?

Fifty-two percent of APS staff live outside of Arlington.  Being out of alignment with our neighbors means that staff who have school-aged children are more likely to miss work due to those schedules.  Aligning our schedules reduces the need for substitute teachers and ensures our staff is able to deliver high quality instruction.

How does APS account for snow days?

The draft calendar provides for 179 student attendance days.  The Code of Virginia and Virginia Department of Education require either 180 days of attendance or 990 hours of attendance.  Historically, APS exceeds the required number of hours, and we use those hours in lieu of “make-up days.”

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