1300 New High School Seats (formerly New High School)

May 10, 2018:

The data on this page was gathered, analyzed and presented throughout the 2016-2017 school year. On June 30, 2017, the School Board voted to create 500-600 new high school seats at the Education Center and 700-800 new high school seats on the Career Center campus. For more information on the new high schools to be placed on the Career Center campus, click here.

June 15 School Board Meeting

June 1 School Board Meeting for 1300+ High School Seats

1300+ High School Seats School Board Work Session (5/5/17)

May 15 High School Options Presentation


Work session documents

Options for 1,300 NEW High School Seats

In June 2017, the School Board will vote on a plan to add 1,300 new high school seats.  The building will open in September, 2022.


Upcoming Events for the Options for 1,300 New High School Seats

May 15: The Board will hold a work session to discuss site options, considering strengths and challenges and the criteria for decision-making. The session will also be livestreamed on the School Board webpage.

May 16: Staff will provide information from the analysis completed on the New High School section of the Engage with APS website.

May 22-25: Staff will hold community gallery walks at each proposed location to provide an opportunity to share how each identified site compares to the selection criteria.

May 22, 5-8pm Education Center (School Board meeting room) and Kenmore Middle School (Library)

May 25, 5-8pm: Career Center (Common Area)

June 1: Staff will present proposed high school options.

June 15: Public hearing

June 29: School Board will act upon staff recommendations.

School Options Survey

Community Feedback on School Options (New)

 Resources that informed the options:

If you have questions or suggestions for the new high school instructional focus, please contact us at newhighschool@apsva.us.