May 10, 2018:

The data on this page was gathered, analyzed and presented throughout the 2016-2017 school year. On June 30, 2017, the School Board voted to create 500-600 new high school seats at the Education Center and 700-800 new high school seats on the Career Center campus. For more information on the new high schools to be placed on the Career Center campus, click here.

 Round 2

This includes information about the “hybrid option” that utilizes space in the Education Center and the Career Center.

Analysis of 1300 HS Seats Round 2.1  (posted June 14)

Analysis of 1300 HS Seats Round 2

Rating Calculations Round 2


Scenarios for the new 1300 High School seats

Process: How the scenarios were developed

 Comparison of all sites

Breakdown of options:

Community Feedback

Round 1

This information was presented at the May 15 School Board Work Session.