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Career Center Working Group Final Report

CCWG Final Report

Below are the presentations and documents shared with the Working Group and referenced in the report.

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Ground Rules: Proposed Ground Rules for the CCWG

About the presentations:

Over the past six months, staff supporting the CCWG have gathered and used Working Group feedback to generate various scenarios for accommodating students on the Career Center site, and what facilities and amenities would be available and by when.  None of the presentations were stated or intended to be final concepts or designs. They were intended to explore possibilities and generate discussion. Taken out of context, the presentations may be confusing. To benefit from the presentations and understand the evolution of the process, we encourage you to review the presentations from the beginning, January 22, 2018.

August 13 and August 20, 2018  Meetings #17 and #18

August 6, 2018 Meeting #16

July 23, 2018 Meeting #15

June 25, 2018 Meeting #14

June 18, 2018 Meeting #13

June 13, 2018 Meeting #12

May 21, 2018 Meeting #11

May 17, 2018 Meeting #10

April 30, 2018 Meeting #9

April 23, 2018 Meeting #8

April 17, 2018 Joint School Board and County Board Work Session

April 12, 2018 Meeting #7

CCWG Charge and Schedule Overview

The evening was focused around hands-on exercises. The Site Optimization slides below provide an overview of those exercises.

Site Optimization:Establishment of a long-term vision for Career Center campus

      Library sub-committee report out (pages 15-17)

Guiding Principles (for discussion)

Field Spaces (for discussion)

Meeting Summary

March 19, 2018 Meeting #6

March 19 Meeting Agenda

Presentation 1: Updated Enrollment Projections for High School Seats

Presentation 2: Site Optimization Establishment of a long-term vision for Career Center campus 

Presentation 3: Discussion of Working Group Principles

March 10, 2018 Meeting #5

March 10 Agenda

Presentation 1: Walk Zones specific to Career Center

 Presentation 2: Transportation

Presentation 3: Open Space/Parks

Options for Columbia Pike Library and Arlington Public Schools at Arlington Public Schools at Walter Reed Briefing Paper

March 10 Meeting Summary

February 26, 2018 Meeting #4

February 26 Agenda

Presentation 1: Overview of Neighborhood Highs and Secondary Option Programs (Updated Aug 17; was formerly Overview of Neighborhood High School Facilities and Amenities)

Presentation 2:  HS Development Options

Group exercise

Potential High Schools and Secondary Option Programs Amenities for School Year 2019-2020  (New; posted Aug 17)

Potential Career Center Amenities School Year 2025-2026 (New; posted Aug 17)

February 26 Meeting Summary

February 21, 2018 Meeting #3

February 21 Agenda

Presentation 1:  Budget Presentation

Presentation 2:  Public Library Presentation

Presentation 3:  Black Heritage Museum

Discussion of Framework for Potential Development Scenarios

January 29, 2018 Meeting #2

Jan 29 Agenda

Presentation 1:  Profile of a Graduate

Presentation 2:  High School Development Options

Jan 29 Meeting Summary

Post-Its:  Above all else, what MUST this project do?

Post-Its:  After the Must Do’s, what else SHOULD this project do?

Post-Its:  In addition, what else COULD this project do?

Transcribed Post-Its

January 22, 2018 – Kick-off Meeting

Presentation 1: APS-short-and-long-term-capacity (updated 1/22/18)

Presentation 2:  Arlington Career Center: Programs and Campus Facilities (updated 1/22/18)

Presentation 3: Columbia Pike Planning Context, Adopted Vision, and Current Revitalization Efforts

Map: GLUP_Zoning_Form_Based_Code

January 22 Meeting Summary

What do Success and Failure Look Like for this Process?

Ground Rules for the Working Group

January 20, 2018 Site Tour

Map of Site Tour