Microsoft Teams – Joining a Meeting

To join a Teams meeting from a Teams channel:

teams dashboard
  • Tap on the channel on the left that your teacher identified.
  • Then make sure that you tap on “Posts” at the top.
ms teams channel
  • You will see the meeting listed. However, you can’t join yet. You must wait for your teacher to start the meeting first.
  • Another way to join is by tapping on the Activity button at the bottom of the screen.
Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 5.25.02 PM
  • When your teacher starts the Microsoft Teams meeting, you will then see the “Join” button. Tap on that and you can join the Teams meeting.
  • Please make sure to follow your teacher’s guidelines on whether or not the camera AND microphone are turned on or off.
ms teams meeting


Video Instructions (6/2020):

Log into your APS account for: Video with closed captioning