Canvas App – Display Images

Apple mobile devices that are on the latest iOS version (iOS14) will cause a problem with images not loading on Canvas pages. This is because there is a new security setting in iOS14 that prevents “cross-website tracking” and is preventing Canvas from loading images.

Your teacher’s home page may look like this if you are affected by this problem:


 Canvas is reporting that this is a known issue that their engineers are working on to resolve images not displaying properly in the apps. In the meantime:

     Ensure that the device has the most updated version of the app installed (6.9.4 for Student, 1.11.9 for Teacher).

     In the device’s Settings, select the Canvas app and enable Allow Cross-Website Tracking. Making this adjustment will work for allowing images to display until a more long term solution is in place.

Here are the steps to fix the image problem in the Canvas Student app:

On the student iPad, tap the Settings app.image2


Scroll down to find the Student app (Canvas Student app is called Student) on the left-hand navigation



 Turn on the toggle to Allow Cross-Website Tracking (it should be green).



Note: Please be sure the Canvas app is running in the background or else you will not see the cross-web option.