Homebound Instruction for Medical Reasons

Arlington Public Schools (APS) provides a program of homebound instruction for students enrolled in the Arlington Public Schools who are unable to attend school because of a documented medical condition of the student. Homebound Instructional Services should be considered when it becomes known that a student will be unable to attend school for an extended period of time, or if a student’s medical condition causes intermittent absences of substantial lengths.

Homebound instruction is designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home or health care facility for students whose medical needs, both physical and psychiatric, do not allow school attendance for a limited period of time.

The application process starts with the parent/guardian contacting the school about the student’s medical need. Once those initial conversations have taken place, the formal process of applying for homebound instruction begins with a series of forms that the family submits to the school team and then the school team submits with additional information to the Office of Homebound Services.

The APS Roadmap for Homebound Instruction is a resource for parents, physicians, school staff and homebound teachers describing the various roles and responsibilities of people involved in providing homebound instruction to a student.

Home-based Instruction is for special education students delivered in the home or other facility, according to an IEP, and may also be for students removed from school for disciplinary or other reasons. The application is the same.