Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Every two years, the School Board adopts a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that addresses APS capital needs—investments needed to improve or enhance the infrastructure of our schools—over the next ten years. The CIP includes major capital projects, such as new schools and school additions, as well as major maintenance and minor construction projects.

The FY 2023-32 CIP is the first CIP in a decade that is not primarily reacting to increased student enrollment, instead focusing on APS student success and well-being. In order to provide students with high-quality instructional environments that support their learning, this CIP specifically prioritizes annual and consistent investment to improve and upgrade the school division’s existing infrastructure and a plan to build the long-awaited new facility at the Arlington Career Center.

This CIP outlines how APS plans continuing improvements and upgrades of current APS facilities as anon-going priority. Projects that enhance the health and safety of students comprise most of the outlined work. Upgraded kitchens will allow students to eat high-quality meals that include more fresh fruits and vegetables that are prepared on site. The entrance and security vestibule updates will comply with current safety and security standards while ensuring all visitors check in at the main office.

Beyond projects identified today, the CIP lays the needed groundwork to evaluate buildings and determine future renovation work. APS’s capital planning process allows the school division to revisit the CIP every other year and adjust the long-term plan as needed.

FY 2023 – 32 Capital Improvement Plan

Adopted FY 2023-32 Capital Improvement Plan: CIP Report | CIP Presentation

Information on the FY 2023-32 CIP Development Process

2022 School Bond Referendum Information

On Election Day, November 8, Arlington voters will vote on $165.01 million in school bonds to improve and upgrade existing school infrastructure. The school bonds ensure APS school facilities are maintained and updated to meet the changing needs of students, support high-quality education, and invests in APS facilities because they serve a dual role as community assets utilized for various community purposes.

The school bonds will fund the first two years of the FY 2023-32 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which outlines how APS plans continuing improvements and upgrades of current APS facilities as an on-going priority. If approved, the school bonds will allow the Arlington community to pay for long-term investments that spread the cost among current and future taxpayers who will benefit from the investments made in APS schools funded through school bonds. The $165.01 million school bond referendum will be used to fund the following projects:

Major Infrastructure Projects Funding: $16.8 Million – Major infrastructure projects that include HVAC, Electrical, Lighting, Roofing, and Windows.

  • Escuela Key roof replacement
  • Hoffman-Boston HVAC replacement
  • LED lighting upgrades at various school sites

Entrance/Security Vestibules & Kitchen Renovations Funding: $16.36 Million – Kitchen renovations and entrance/security vestibule updates to meet current safety and security standards and to provide healthy meals prepared onsite for students. ($4.12 million was already included in the 2021 School Bond Referendum)

  • Entrance/Security Vestibules: Jefferson, Hoffman-Boston, Long Branch, Taylor, Kenmore, Langston, Williamsburg, and Washington-Liberty
  • Entrance/Security Vestibules & Kitchen Renovations: Campbell and Swanson

Arlington Career Center Project Funding: $135.97 Million – Arlington Career Center Project to construct a modern facility, which is the only remaining APS high school that has not been modernized, to support student learning for full-time Arlington Career Center (ACC) students and students from all APS high schools who are enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at the ACC.

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2022 School Bond FAQs: English | Spanish | Amharic | Arabic | Mongolian

Previous CIPs

FY 2022 – 2024 Capital Improvement Plan

Adopted FY 2022 Capital Improvement Plan

Find out more about how the FY 2022-24 CIP was developed

FY 2021 Capital Improvement Plan

The FY 2021 Capital Improvement Report  includes the School Board’s motion to adopt the FY 2021 CIP (see Appendix A) and a table that provides an overview of every approved CIP project, their cost, and bond issuance timeline (see page 8).

Adopted FY 2021 Capital Improvement Plan

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