Canvas in a browser – Discussion

The following directions are for a Discussion in Canvas in a browser.

  • Read carefully the details or prompt from the teacher. Click on the Reply link to start.
Canvas in a browser discussions details
  • Tap in the message area and use the Rich Content Editor for the reply. Use the pop up keyboard to reply or tap the microphone key to speak or dictate the reply.

Canvas in a browser discussion reply

Tap Dictation microphone symbolto dictate a reply

  • If your teacher allows discussion attachments in your course click on the Attach link then the Choose File button.

Canvas in a browser discussion attach link

Canvas in a browser discussion choose file button

  • Choose Take Photo or Video to snap a picture or record video.
    • To snap a photo choose Photo then tap the white circle to take a picture. Tap Use Photo to attach.
    • To record a video tap Video. Tap the red circle to record then the red square to stop. Tap Use Video to attach.
  • Tap on Photo Library to select a previously taken photo. Navigate through the photo library and select photo. Click Done to attach.
  • Choose Browse to find and select a file. Tap on the file to attach.
Canvas in a browser discussion choose photo
  • When ready click Post Reply. If your teacher allows threaded replies click the Reply link below other posts to comment.
Canvas in a browser discussion post reply

For more information see How to Reply to a Discussion in the Canvas Guides.