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Music Education is an integral part of core curriculum. Formal instruction in music provides students with unique experiences not taught in other core areas. Music, as a discrete discipline, offers powerful tools for expression. These tools make it possible to connect the intellect and emotion and bring meaning and beauty into our lives.

The study of music contributes to awareness and respect for the global community and the pluralistic society in which we live. The study of music in the context of historic and cultural perspectives provides a foundation for understanding the present as well as the future. Performing music enhances self-esteem, builds self-discipline, and reinforces societal values such as cooperation, commitment, and working towards a common goal. These are all fundamental qualities that serve as the basis of our education system.

Music Education in the Arlington Public Schools provides students with instruction in all aspects of music: singing, playing, moving, reading, listening, analyzing, creating, and performing.

In Arlington, music educators enhance instruction through various uses of technology, involvement in continuing education, and the pursuit of improved pedagogical methods. The rich and varied talents in our community are tapped through the visiting artists from the Humanities Project. Arlington Public Schools strives to educate all students to the highest level of musical skill and knowledge commensurate with talent and ability.

Additional opportunities for student involvement are available. The Spanish Chorus is open to any interested second or third grade singer. Applications are distributed to each elementary school in September. Elementary Honors Chorus for grade five and Middle School Honor Chorus for grades six, seven and eight accept students by audition in the Fall of the year. For more information please visit the Honors Band, Orchestra and Chorus section of the Arts Education website.

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