Currently training for building supervisors and selected line custodians is provided by Plant Operations in the following areas:

All custodial supervisors hired after 1993 are required to attend the International Executive Housekeeping Association training program. Classes meet at the Syphax Academic Center on Mondays and Wednesday commencing in October and ending in June. Classes begin at 1:30 PM and end at 4:00 PM. Each month brings a different course. Students study a broad range of subjects, including: interpersonal relations, chemical control systems, budgeting, computers, work planning, labor laws, supervision, etc. Contact Plant Operations at (703) 228-7732 in order to enroll.

The Plant Operations Department holds two day long staff development seminars per year for Custodial Building Supervisors, Quality Control Specialists and Assistant Custodial Building Supervisors,  One session is held during the summer and the other session is held during Spring Break. The  programs help supervisors enhance their skills, learn new skills and current on upcoming developments in products, procedures or other pertinent information. Subjects selected are based on perceived training needs as well as suggestions by the participants. Please contact Plant Operations at 703-228-7732 if you have any suggestions.

Training for line custodial staff occurs in three ways: 1) The Quality Control Specialists provide orientation to new staff. 2) New custodians receive basic instruction in cleaning procedures as they commence work with Arlington Public Schools. 3) All line custodians attend a seminar in the summer. Blood-borne pathogen training, OSHA, Right-to-Know information are provided each summer. Additional topics are decided in consultation with supervisors and are designed to enhance  productivity and skills.

Hiring Procedures

Any potential candidate seeking employment as a custodian with Arlington Public Schools must follow the following procedure:

  • All custodial staff must complete an application.  Go to the school board website, look under Employment >careers@APS and then follow the instruction to set up your personal identification number.  You may then add jobs that interest you. Application hints:  Fill in all blanks and job history completely, attach a recent resume if you have one, double check your application for accuracy and completeness.  Failure to provide all required information is considered the basis for disqualification of the application. and submit it to the Human Resources Department via the web.
  • Applications will be evaluated by Human Resources, and if considered qualified, sent to Plant Operations for additional review.
  • Applications will be selected on the basis of neatness, completeness and qualifications for a screening interview at the Plant Operations Department. Applicants will be contacted regarding dates and times for the interview.
  • After the interview is completed, a decision will be made to place the application in the custodial pool. Principals and Building Supervisors, with the support of Plant Operations, are responsible for selecting candidates, interviewing and making the final hire decision to hire a custodian.
  • Supervisory positions include an interview with the school principal, the Director of Plant Operations and/or Assistant Manager of Plant Operations.

Custodial Allocation Formula

Plant Operations staffing is based on the following factors: actual building square footage, relocatable square footage and community use.

The formula is integrated into the Planning Factors for staffing. When an Arlington Public Schools building is renovated or relocatables are added or removed, or has additional community use beyond the current allocation, the building Administrator should contact Plant Operations with the appropriate changes and any documentation to support the request.

The information will be downloaded into the Plant Operations database and a recommendation made based on the results.

To reach the Operations department, please call 703-228-7732.