This guide provides the teacher with the elements of curriculum that are necessary for delivering informed instruction. It outlines the required content and skills to be taught and suggests the methodology to be used in creating relevant, challenging, and engaging instruction.

This guide reflects the five Arlington Public Schools academic systemwide goals requiring that students:

  • demonstrate a high degree of knowledge.
  • communicate subject matter clearly.
  • solve problems using effective processes to reach viable solutions.
  • apply learning to the world beyond the classroom.
  • self access work and work processes in order to set goals for next steps.

The Virginia Standards of Learning and the 2008 Virginia Curriculum Framework have been included in this guide. State objectives, essential understandings, questions, content and skills have been arranged to make appropriate connections to the unit.

The course description gives an overview of the content. Units of study are ways in which the content has been organized. The theme for the course of study suggests a universal idea that transcends the people, time, and place to be studied.

The theme is taught through key concepts that are found throughout the content. Unit questions are overarching propositions that provoke diverse perspectives on the unit content. Preview activities engage learners in exercises that generate responses to the unit question.; preview activities also set the stage for comprehending the essential understandings of the unit content and for assessing prior knowledge.

Lists of key terms and people highlight important vocabulary.

Each sample lesson(s) provides the teacher with an example of a way(s) to carry out segments of the unit. Objectives, descriptions, materials, strategies, actions, assessments, and adaptations provide suggested guidelines and steps for delivering the lesson. Appendicies provide supplements to the lesson.

The suggested literature selections offer teachers ways to enrich content by having students read fiction and non-fiction books.

Technology resources offer teachers ways to enhance content through the use of videos, software and websites.

Approximate time frames for completion of units are suggested in the pacing chart. Such factors as holidays, diversity of students needs, availability of resources, and others will affect the pacing of content.

An alignment chart cross-references adopted textbook pages to curriculum content.