What to Expect in Kindergarten

What to Expect in the Kindergarten Program Arlington Public Schools (APS) offers a high quality, developmentally appropriate kindergarten program.  This full-day program is designed to meet the emotional, social, physical, and academic needs of all children and is based on the Virginia State Standards.  The following describes what parents and the community may expect from the APS Kindergarten Program.

Teachers and Students

  • Classrooms with a certified teacher and paraprofessional who receive on-going professional development
  • Positive, language rich interactions among the children and staff
  • Experiences that support the development of community within the classroom

Classroom Curriculum

  • A balance of whole group, small group, and individual instruction designed to meet the interests and needs of the children
  • Implementation of APS curriculum resources and instructional best practices
  • Instruction in literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and health
  • Instruction in music, physical education, art, and library (specials)
  • Experiences, materials, conversation, and activities that support language and vocabulary development
  • Opportunities for children to:
    • work with letters, songs, rhymes, and stories
    • engage in shared, guided, and independent reading and writing
    • count, classify, sequence, sort, match, and experiment
    • build and practice academic problem-solving skills
    • answer open-ended questions and extend thinking
    • engage in fine and gross motor skills
    • build relationships with peers throughout the school day, including during lunch and recess


  • Consistent communication between the school, the classroom, and the home

Classroom Environment

  • Print rich, well equipped classrooms designed to support inquiry and investigation
  • Respect for the culture, language, ethnicity, family, and skills of every child
  • Safe environment

What to Expect in the APS Kindergarten Program- English
What to Expect in the APS Kindergarten Program -Spanish