Academic Strategies

Strategies to Support Academic Development at HomeIMG_6140

Read at Home

  • Read to your child and listen to your child read everyday.
  • Keep a collection of favorite books handy.
  • Give books as gifts.

Let Your Child Know School is Important

  • Keep absences to a minimum.
  • Provide time and space to do homework.
  • Ask about homework.
  • Attend PTA and School Events.
  • Volunteer to help at school.
  • Visit the teacher.

Talk With Your Child

  • Talk with your child about school.
  • Talk with your child about books.

Monitor Homework

  • Provide a quiet place for homework. NO TV.
  • Establish a routine that allows for breaks. Work 20 minutes, then take a 5 minute break.
  • Break down the homework into smaller tasks.
  • Review the finished homework together.

Recognize Your Child’s Special Talent

  • Praise your child daily.
  • Encourage creativity: draw pictures, sing, dance and have fun!
  • Work on hobbies together.

Limit TV viewing

  • No more than one hour a day during the week or 2 hours on weekends.
  • Watch TV with your child and talk about the programs.
  • TV alternatives:
    • Read
    • Join a team
    • Play a game
    • Call a friend
    • Go for a walk
    • Write a letter
    • Go for a bike ride
    • Play a musical instrument
    • Cook together.

Arlington Public Library LogoGo to the Library

  • Help your child select books that he/she can read independently.
  • Select books that you can read together.
  • Help your child find books and authors they love