• Knowing and believing in yourself
  • Knowing what you want your future to be like and how to make plans to achieve this future
  • Knowing the support you need to take control of your life

Core components

  • Choice making
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Goal setting
  • Self-advocacy
  • Leadership
  • Self-reinforcement
  • Self-awareness

Strategies for teaching self-determination


    • The Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA Curriculum  by Valerie Paradiz
    • Self-Determination by Michael Wehmeyer and Sharon Field
    • The PATH & MAPS Handbook: Person-Centered Ways to Build Community by John O’Brien, Jack Pearpoint & Linda Kahn
    • PATH: Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope. A Workbook for Planning Possible Positive Futures by John O’Brien, Jack Pearpoint, and Marsha Forest