Countywide Programs Pre-K

Multi-Intervention Program for Students with Autism (MIPA)

The focus of the MIPA program is on increasing communication, independent life skills, social skills, and academic performance.  Students who are receiving special education support due to autism may be candidates for the MIPA program.  The program provides a highly structured environment and research-based academic and behavioral interventions for autism. The program uses a variety of strategies to prepare students to transition to less restrictive settings.  Examples of curricula used in MIPA classes include the STAR Program (Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research, Arick, Loos, Falco, Krug, 2004) and the Links Curriculum.

Preschool Location Phone Student Support Coordinator
Arlington Traditional 703-228-6290 Nancy Routson
Hoffman-Boston 703-228-5845 Kristen Shymoniak
Long Branch 703-228-4220 Danielle Miles
Integration Station 703-462-5184 Sara Shaw
Barrett 703-228-6288 Adam Meyersieck
Dr. Charles R. Drew 703-228-5825 Carlette Bryan

Two Year Old Toddler Program Preschool Special Education Programs (Cross Categorical)

Location Phone Special Education Coordinator Phone
Ashlawn 703-228-5270 Alyssa D’Amore-Yarnall 703-228-6045
Dr. Charles R. Drew 703-228-5825 Carlette Bryan 703-228-6045
Jamestown 703-228-5275 Karin Bloss 703-228-8630
Integration Station 703-462-5184 Sara Shaw 703-462-5184
Hoffman-Boston 703-228-5845 Kristen Shymoniak 703-228-5845
Carlin Springs 703-228-6645 Deirdre Groh 703-228-6048

Three-Five Year Old Programs

School School Phone Number Student Support
Student Support
Coordinator Email
Abingdon 703-228-6650 Shirtona Horton
Ashlawn 703-228-5270 Alyssa D’Amore-Yarnall>;
Barcroft 703-228-5838 Natalie White
Barrett 703-228-6288 Adam Meyersieck
Carlin Springs 703-228-6645 Deirdre Groh
Discovery 703-228-2685 Cynthia Evans
Dr. Charles R. Drew 703-228-5825 Carlette Bryan
Glebe 703-228-6280 Kristen Shymoniak Kristen Shymoniak
Hoffman-Boston 703-228-5845 Kristen Shymoniak  Kristen Shymoniak
Integration Station 703-462-5184 Sara Shaw Sara Shaw
Jamestown 703-228-5275 Karin Bloss
Oakridge 703-228-5840 Jennifer Crain
Randolph 703-228-5830 Emily Gillespie
Taylor 703-228-6275 Amy Apgar
Tuckahoe 703-228-5288 Katie Hawkins


Community Peer Pre-K (CPP) Program

The Community Peer Pre-K (CPP) Program, located in 11 elementary schools, provides children with and without disabilities the opportunity to participate in an engaging and comprehensive inclusive Preschool program. The Toddler Program is a 25-hour-a-week program designed for children ages 2 years and 6 months through 3. It offers approximately 1/3 of the seats to students without disabilities.
The Pre-K Program is a full-day program designed for children ages 3 years and 6 months through 5. These classes have equal proportions of students with and without disabilities
.View a recording of our Pre-K Virtual Information Night to learn more about CPP ELIGIBILITY:

  • Placement in CPP for children with disabilities is determined by the child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.


  • Inclusive preschool programs have a positive and profound academic and social impact on children with and without disabilities.
  • Children in the CPP Program receive differentiated instruction based on the Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS). Instructional areas of focus include literacy, mathematics, science, history, health and physical development, personal and social development, music, and visual arts.
  • The toddler programs provide play-based instruction to target all developmental areas with a focus on communication, interactions with peers and adults as well as fostering growing independent skills.


For toddlers age 2 years 6 months to 3 by September 30 For children age 3 years 6 months through 4 by September 30
  • Carlin Springs
  • Jamestown
  • Alice West Fleet
  • Barcroft
  • Carlin Springs
  • Dr. Charles R. Drew
  • Glebe
  • Hoffman Boston
  • Innovation
  • Nottingham
  • Taylor
  • Tuckahoe

CPP Program Locations (Spanish) (Amharic) (Arabic) (Mongolian)
3 YO PreK Progress Report- (English) (Spanish)
4 YO PreK Progress Report- (English) (Spanish)

Integration Station

Integration Station (IS) has several pre-Kindergarten special education programs that serve Arlington Public School (APS) students ages 2-5 who have disabilities. IS is co-located with The Children’s School (TCS) in Ballston, and provides an integrated educational program for 2-5 year old children with disabilities.

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4420 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite 224. For more information, please call 703-462-5184.