Mental Health Resources

APS’s mental health professionals are still working to maintain connections with students and are providing materials to support social-emotional skills and wellness. Their work includes reaching out to parents and guardians to establish the frequency, communication method, and confidentiality requirements for supporting students while they are home and ensuring that adults are aware of emergency mental health services and CR2/Reach.

To contact a member of the School-Based Mental Health Team at your student’s school, please visit this page and scroll down. You’ll see each school and a link to their Counseling Department, which includes member of our Student Services teams. Additionally, here are lists of school psychologists and social workers for each school.

Here’s a message from the Interim Superintendent with tips for managing stress:

  • Stick to a consistent daily routine. Set expectations about getting up, getting dressed, and eating breakfast.
  • Maintain a meal schedule. Make healthy snacks and cook together.
  • Create a daily schedule with your children. Have “class time,” play time with physical exercise, and emotional and mental health activities. Predictable daily structure where possible provides comfort.
  • Limit time on social media and make sure that it is age appropriate.
  • Encourage staying connected to friends. For children without their own phones, set up a FaceTime playdate with a friend and let them chat using your phone in support of social distancing.
  • Turn off the TV. Having news about the crisis playing all day will increase worry for everyone.
  • Unplug and go old school! Have story time, play a board game, or try to learn a new language together during evening family time.