Canvas App – Overview

See How to log in to the Canvas App here.

Once the app is open:

  • On the bottom of the screen is the Global Navigation menu.
Canvas Dashboard
  • When students click on the Dashboard icon, the Dashboard displays all the current courses as course cards or tiles. Learn more about the Dashboard.
Canvas app dashboard coarse cards
Canvas calendar
  • The To Do list gives a quick view of upcoming course activities that have not yet been completed. Learn more about the To Do List in the app.
Canvas To Do List
  • Notifications gives you an overview of all course notifications such as changes to an assignment due date, newly created assignment, course announcement, or a reply to a subscribed discussion. Learn more about Canvas notifications.
Canvas Notifications
  • The Inbox displays all emails or Conversations messages in the Canvas Student app. Learn more about the inbox.
Canvas Inbox
  • Click on the three lines in the top left corner to open the user menu.
Canvas user menu
Canvas View User Menu
  • To open a course, go to the Dashboard and tap the course card. The course opens to the course navigation links on the left which can include “Home,” “Announcements,” and “Modules.”
Canvas navigation links
  • The course displays the navigation links on the left and the home page on the right. Usually in APS the home page links to modules which are like file folders that hold all the pages, assignments and quizzes for a week or a unit. A module is an organizational unit in Canvas.
Canvas home page
  • When the module link is clicked the page displays all the items in the module. Students click on the first item in the module and use the next button to proceed through the items.
Canvas module


For additional information see Canvas Mobile App Features