APS/NOVA Partnership – Dual Enrollment

Arlington Public Schools (APS) and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) will work together to prepare students for their future using an array of educational options to help them reach their educational and career goals. This will be accomplished through seamless cooperation, collaboration and integration of resources between APS and NOVA. It will also include the active engagement of business, local organizations and parents to provide students with information, resources and experiences that will help them prepare for the first step in their career. Our goals are:

  • Create opportunities for NOVA to become an extension of APS.
  • Build a collaborative community of educators who work together to provide learning opportunities for students that are responsive to current and future innovations.
  • Engage and help students transition and integrate from one educational level / opportunity to the next.
  • Create and implement a communication / marketing plan that will allow all stakeholders to understand the vision and goals for the APS / NOVA relationship and the opportunities that exist for students as a result of this partnership.

“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist… using technologies that haven’t been invented… in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.” (David Warlick –”Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century”)


Published December 31, 69 5:00PM