Communications Flow Chart: SPED Coordinators (SECs)


Special Education Coordinators report directly to the Director of the Office of Special Education, and are assigned to schools and programs. SECs have a wealth of experience in special education, and provide technical support to school-based IEP teams.

Special Education Coordinator Assignment List:

School Coordinators Phone Number
Abingdon Dr. Patricia Jones
Contract Services Brian Stapleton
Arlington Science Focus Danna Galvin
Arlington Traditional School Sue Essman
Barcroft Catherine Thompson
Campbell Danna Galvin
Career Center Jenny York
Carlin Springs Carlette Bryan
Claremont Julie Illari Julie Illari
Discovery Danna Galvin
Drew TBD
Glebe Katelyn Gurgiolo
Gunston Sue Essman
H-B Woodlawn Meg Davis
Henry Donna Townsend
Hoffman-Boston Donna Townsend
Jamestown Dr. Patricia Jones
Jefferson Shirtona Horton
Kenmore Katelyn Gurgiolo
Key Julie Illari
Langston Jennifer York
Long Branch Donna Townsend
McKinley Catherine Thompson
Nottingham Carlette Bryan
Oakridge Meg Davis
Randolph Sue Essman
Reed Sara Shaw Sara Shaw
Stratford Shirtona Horton
Swanson Melissa Meck
Taylor Shirtona Horton
Tuckahoe Dr. Patricia Jones
Wakefield Julie Illari
Washington-Lee Jennifer York
Williamsburg Carlette Bryan
Yorktown Carolyn Thiell