Student Support Team Process

Student Support Process Overview

Student Support Team Process Overview
Student Support Process Overview – Amharic የተማሪዎች ድጋፍ መስጫ ሒደት
Student Support Process Overview – Arabic عملية دعم الطلاب
Student Support Process Overview – Mongolian – СУРАГЧИЙГ ДЭМЖИХ ПРОЦЕСС
Student Support Process Overview – Spanish – PROCESO DE APOYO ESTUDIANTIL

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The Office of Academics is committed to ensuring every student receives high-quality instruction in safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments.Additionally, we are committed to the Arlington Public Schools (APS) Vision, “to be an inclusive community that empowers all students to foster their dreams, explore their possibi115B9D59-6106-456A-A513-1A18D72C4AF4lities, and create their futures.” To accomplish this, APS utilizes several collaborative, innovative, and thoughtful processes both at the district and school level. This manual’s purpose is to provide guidance on how to implement consistent, high quality, data driven, legally compliant support for students, including special education and related services, across the entire APS system. The intended audience for this manual is primarily APS staff. A family companion guide to the Student Support Manual is under development.

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