High School 9-12

Gifted Services at the high school level uses the collaborative model to support hundreds of teachers and students. Each high school has a full time resource teacher. The primary role of the resource teacher of the gifted (RTG) at the secondary level is to work collaboratively with students and teachers to add depth and complexity for daily differentiation for gifted learners and/or any student who is ready for the next level of challenge. A secondary role is to raise awareness of scholarships and programs of interest to students beyond the school day and during the summer.

Students are encouraged to enroll in courses that match their identified area of strength. Courses labeled intensified, advanced, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) are available in all core and arts areas. Course selections are included in the High School Program of Studies.

The teachers of these courses are required to meet the Teacher Qualifications – Education of Gifted Students G-2.14 PIP-9 training so that they can appropriately differentiate curriculum and instruction to meet the learning needs of gifted students. Teachers are trained in elements of gifted education including the Critical and Creative Thinking Framework and curricular resources written for gifted learners. Additionally, teachers of AP or IB courses attend the AP or IB institute and receive specialized training in the curriculum and instruction of the particular courses they instruct.

HS Enrichment Brochure Edit 2020