Each Arlington Public School facility receives a building inspection and report by a Quality Control Specialist 5 times per school year. Plant Operations inspects over 13,000 areas (classrooms, kitchens, auditoriums, aquatic centers, gymnasiums, offices, restrooms, outdoor grounds, etc.) each year.

Each building is sent a detailed report with a average score for the building. The purpose of the report is to provide an unbiased view of the school regarding:  cleanliness, safety, sanitation as well as make recommendations for continuous improvement. The minimum acceptable score for a building is 85%. Reports are reviewed by Plant Operations management, the building principal and custodial building supervisor to identify additional follow-up actions required to correct deficiencies. Each Quality Control Specialist is available to discuss his or her findings and observations with building administrators, custodial building supervisors and custodial staff.  Tracking results over a couple of months can provide the basis for recommending training or other corrective action.

Quality Control Specialists are available to provide specialized training upon request of the Principal, custodial building supervisor or line custodian.

Plant Operations management is available to meet with principals and custodial building supervisors to discuss building and custodial concerns.

To reach the Operations Department, please call (703) 228-7732.