Approved External Research

The following studies have been vetted through the APS research application process and have been approved for implementation in APS during the 2017-18 school year. APS encourages staff members to participate in these studies if requested by the researcher.

Occasionally, staff members are contacted by an outside researcher and requested to participate in data collection such as surveys. If the study is not listed here, this means that it has not been approved through the research application process. In such cases, please refer the researcher to Regina Van Horne, Assistant Director for Evaluation, at or 703-228-2481.

Study: Summer Literacy Intervention

Researcher: Benjamin Castleman, Katharine Meyer

Invited participants: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade elementary school students

Methodology: Analysis of reading scores and survey responses

Study: Examining the Needs of Suicide Prevention and Intervention in Elementary Schools: An Exploratory Study with Elementary School Counselors

Researcher: Kristin Devaney

Invited Participants: Elementary School Counselors

Methodology: Online survey questionnaire (The King Instrument)

Study: 2018 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education (NSSME)

Researcher: Cindy Gray

Invited Participants: Teachers who provide mathematics, science, and/or computer science instruction to K–12 students in public and private schools.

Methodology: NSSME is a self-administered web survey with survey invitations sent by mail or email.

Study: Examining Special Educators’ Data Collection Practices and Data-based Decision Making Strategies which Inform Standard Graduation Options for Students with Disabilities Attending Alternative High School Programs

Researcher: Laura Guillion

Invited Participants: Alternative high school program special education teachers and special education transition coordinators

Methodology: Interviews and focus group

Study: Evaluation of the Arlington Tech High School Program

Researcher: Daniel Leeds

Invited Participants: High School CTE Students, Arlington Tech Faculty and Administration

Methodology: Mixed-method evaluation. This will consist of an implementation evaluation of Arlington Tech’s strategy, as measured by an analysis of interviews, and an impact evaluation, using propensity score matching and/or exact matching of Arlington Tech students with traditional CTE students at APS to evaluate the effect of Arlington Tech in improving its students’ general academic,postsecondary readiness, and labor market success outcomes. The impact evaluation will be bolstered by a career-readiness survey of Arlington Tech’s employer partners.

Study: Real Lives 21: Showcasing the Stories of Art Educators and Contemporary Learning

Researcher: Renee Sandell

Invited Participants: Elementary art teacher

Methodology:Interviews and observations

Study: Assessing the Benefits of Virtual Manipulatives to Teach Area and Perimeter to Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities

Researcher: Rajiv Satsangi

Invited Participants: High school students with a learning disability in mathematics

Methodology: Single subject multiple-baseline design