How to Apply for Dual Language Immersion

Elementary Immersion is offered at two option schools. Both schools follow the same high standard of excellence in terms of curriculum, staff and the immersion experience provided to students:

Students may choose to continue in the Dual Language Immersion Program at the secondary level at:

How to Apply


Students entering elementary school in Arlington may apply to enter the program at Claremont Immersion or Francis Scott Key.

  • Apply Online: Interested incoming elementary school students can apply through the elementary option school application and lottery process. The elementary option school application window is from February 1, 2023 to April 17, 2023. Click here to apply and learn more about the lottery.



Middle school students interested in entering an APS Dual Language Immersion Program can apply one of two ways:

  • Complete an Intent to Return Form: Students already enrolled in the APS Elementary Dual Language Immersion Program at Claremont or Key Elementary, who would like to continue immersion at the secondary level, will need to complete an Intent to Return Form during the course selection period before transitioning to middle or high school.
  • Complete a Proficiency Test and Apply: Students who are not already enrolled in the APS Elementary Dual Language Immersion Program will need to show that they have participated in a comparable immersion program in another school division OR have lived/been raised in a Spanish-speaking country. Those applicants will need to complete and pass a proficiency test administered by the Office of English Learners. Students who pass and meet the required criteria can then submit an options school application for admission to the program.