Information Services

Raj Adusumilli, Assistant Superintendent, Information Services

Cynthia Guadalupe, Executive Administrative Assistant

Information Services (IS) provides high-quality data-driven and operationally efficient solutions and tools that support teaching, learning and working in Arlington Public Schools. The department is responsible for the development of innovative and sustainable strategies to support APS instructional and operational goals, ensure business continuity, and to anticipate how future technology trends.The department includes Information Services Management, Technology Services, Enterprise Solutions and Instructional Integration.


  • Learning, Knowledge Management, and Productivity Systems
  • Instructional Applications Implementation
  • Communications Services
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Wireless and Wired Networks
  • Hardware and Software
  • Database Administration
  • Administrative and Business Systems Support
  • Leadership and support for instructional technology

Technology Services – Terance Proctor, Sr., Director 

Technology Services Office provides district-wide technological and network support including devices for staff and students (laptops, desktops, mobile phones, iPads) and effective, secure, and reliable hardware and software solutions for all APS schools and administrative facilities.  It also all provides technical assistance to students and staff online and in-person and serves as the initial entry point for all technology and data requests. Major services provided:

  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Learning and Productivity Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Technology Hardware

Enterprise Solutions – Girish Rajput, Director 

The Enterprise Solutions Office is responsible for planning, designing, and supporting Arlington Public Schools’ instructional and administrative systems. The office manages key operational systems that enable student instruction and school administration, as well as analytical data systems that provide administrators and school staff with actionable data on student performance and business operations that inform data-driven decisions. The office creates operational efficiencies through continuous improvement and innovation.Major services provided:

  • Design, implementation, and management of key operational systems such as the Enterprise Resource Platform (STARS), Student Information System (Synergy), Business Intelligence (APS Insights), Learning Management (Canvas), Data Integration (Clever).
  • Data administration & analysis including data dashboards and performance tracking
  • Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and Federal compliance reporting

Instructional Technology Integration – Jacqueline Firster, Instructional Technology Integration Analyst

All new digital resources – and changes to existing resources – are evaluated through an Approval Process for the following criteria: data privacy compliance, technical compatibility, instructional appropriateness, accessibility, equitable access, and cost. The review process occurs in scheduled windows throughout the school year. An APS Technology Review Committee approves new additions and changes in Q1, Q2, and Q3. If a new request or a change to an existing tool is approved, deployment occurs over the summer months, to be available for the following school year.All building level requests for new resources begin by having a conversation with the ITC in that school.

  • If there is an instructional need that is not met by the existing tools, the ITC will escalate the request with an appropriate supervisor in the Academics Office
  • If a content supervisor chooses to support the new request as its Instructional Lead, they will submit a form to begin the process
  • Requestors can monitor the most up-to-date status of a request throughout the review process by checking the Requested Digital Resources – Check Current Status

The Deprecation Process, or the removal of digital resources, occurs annually at the end of each school year. All staff is given the opportunity to share their feedback before an APS Technology Review Committee makes a final decision. Deprecated resources are removed from the APS Approved List for the following school year. APS Staff Listening Sessions: All school staff are invited to provide feedback on the technology used in APS. There is a monthly opportunity held October – May. Reminders are sent out in advance of each session. Link to tentative dates SY22-23