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All of us can help recognize and refer when needs become evident in interactions with students and families.  Click Here  for information that can be provided by anyone to anyone.

Food Allergies Guidelines 2019

APS Food Allergy Guidelines section on the Nutrition Education, Promotion and Food Marketing in the Policy Implementation Procedures I-10.30 – Support for Student Wellness has been updated for the 2018-19 school year. These guidelines will be implemented within all APS schools in order to establish consistent practices in this area across all of our sites.  Please  Click Here  for additional information.

Dream, Explore, Create pictureResources to Support Student Success and Well-Being. A Social-Emotional Learning Reference Guide

The Social-Emotional Learning Reference Guide catalogs student support programming that APS school teams can use in their determination of what supports students need. The student supports included here demonstrate a strong commitment by APS to the well-being and success of our students.


 13 Reasons Why – New Season begins May 18, 2018

Caution for Families about Students Viewing Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why”  Last fall, we contacted families to make you aware of the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. We wanted to follow up with families to let you know that “Season 2” of 13 Reasons Why will begin airing on Netflix on Fri, May 18. We expect that some students who did not watch “Season 1” may watch it now, and those who did see it may view it again before “Season 2” airs. For those reasons, we wanted to share information with families so you are prepared to support your child if they watch the series. “Season 1” of the Netflix series was adapted from a popular book of the same title by Jay Asher.  The book and series followed a group of students as they pieced together a story left behind by a classmate who died by suicide. While the story touched on important topics, the content was very graphic in nature. Last fall, critics raised concerns that the series romanticized or glamorized suicide while giving no healthy alternative to kids struggling with emotional problems.   When plans were announced for a second season, staff from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) reached out to Netflix and worked with them on the project. Netflix responded in some ways, including having the cast members come out of character to address important issues, providing warning information before each episode, and creating a discussion guide. ASCA also strongly objected to the unethical and out-of-character portrayal of the “school counselor” character in “Season 1.” However, ASCA was not allowed to preview the second season, so ASCA expects the same or similar themes to be covered, and does not anticipate that “Season 2” will be any less disturbing for some students.  We continue to believe that it is critical for our children and youth to process this type of information with a trusted adult.  For this reason, we want to encourage families to talk with your children about what they are watching, either at home or elsewhere in the company of their friends.  APS resources related to suicide prevention are available through the In Crisis/Need Help Now button under “Quicklinks” on the APS main webpage. Finally, as always, we want to remind families that all APS school counselors, school psychologists and social workers are available if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Resources provided by ASCA

LGBTQ Resources (Local, Commonwealth, and National)

The Arlington LGBTQ Resources page is designed to provide the community that strives to embrace and equilgbtq-Pridetably serve our diverse population that includes people from all walks of life – including those who identify as LGBTQ. Our vision, which asserts that each of us is important, means that ours is a community where diversity is not simply tolerated, but appreciated and respected. Please click the link above for more information.

Arlington FamiliesArlington Families

Arlington Families is a site that links parents and caregivers to valuable online resources about what’s happening for families in Arlington, Virginia. Find a playground, meet other parents in a workshop, learn about school options, discover something fun to do over the weekend or get connected to practical parenting ideas! Go to the Arlington Families site for more details.

Project Family (CFSD)

Three person Family

Parents and Children (ages newborn – 5 years old) Learning Together!  Various classes Monday-Saturday from 10:30-12 or 12:30-2 p.m. at various locations throughout Arlington.  Bilingual early childhood development and parenting support.  Contact Cheryl Fuentesat or 703/228-1549 for more information.

Strengthening Families (CFSD) Fortaleciendo la Familia

For all families with youth ages 10 to 14. Programs in English or Spanish.  Childcare and dinner provided.  Contact Jen Landis at or 703/228-1108 for more information.

The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families Logo
Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families(APCYF)

  • Workshops and information on Developmental Assets, READY Coalition, and
  • For Assets information, call 703/228-1671.
  • For READYCoalition, call 703/228-1683 or visit
  • For the TeenNetwork Board, call 703/228-1506.
  • For online resources for teens, visit

Parent Academy LogoArlington Public Schools: Parent Academy

The APS Parent Academy offers parents and guardians of children attending schools in Arlington opportunities to obtain information on a wide variety of subjects.

apsArlington Public Schools: Even Start Program

A family literacy program offering ESL instruction for parents and limited child care for preschool-age children at the Barcroft Elementary School.  Includes a parenting education component.  Contact  Kati Costar, Even Start Coordinator at (703) 228-8846 or

Stop Child Abuse Now

Stop Child Abuse Now

The Parent Connection Resource Guide is a bi-annual publication of parenting programs offered throughout the Northern Virginia area.

Parent Connection Resource Guide

SCAN offers the Nurturing Parenting Program parenting class in English or Spanish as well as Parent Support Groups.  For information on SCAN parenting classes, contact the Parent Education Coordinator at 703/820-9001.

Healthy Families LogoNorthern Virginia Family Services (NVFS) Healthy Families

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) Healthy Families Programs provides free family assessment and home-visiting services to pregnant women and parents with children age 0-3. Healthy Families is affiliated with Healthy Families America, an initiative of Prevent Child Abuse America. For more information, visit or contact Elizabeth Willingham at 571/748-2712.

Capital Youth Empowerment ProgramCapital Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP)

Offers the Fathers in Touch parenting class and Project Success for teens. Visit for current registration and class schedule information.