Planning and Evaluation

The mission of the Department of Planning and Evaluation is to optimize the use of resources through leadership and collaboration with other departments, schools, and the community in areas of policy review, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, program evaluation, and research. Stakeholder engagement to inform and gather input from staff, students, families, and other community members is essential to the work of this department, which collaborates throughout the division to develop reports, proposals, and recommendations. The work of the department involves data collection and analysis for dissemination to the public, Arlington Public Schools staff, the Virginia Department of Education, and other external bodies. Our team ensures the validity and accuracy of data used across our responsibilities. This work often results in identifying improvements to existing APS data sources and specifying requirements for new reporting tools for the Department of Information Services.


Planning and Evaluation manages activities related to districtwide program evaluation and research.

Program Evaluation: Evaluates programs and services within the Department of Teaching and Learning to assess program implementation and outcomes with the goal of facilitating effective decision-making and continuous improvement. The multi-year, in-depth evaluation process includes quantitative and qualitative data collection, as well as opportunities for stakeholder input. Major findings are presented to the School Board with an action plan for program improvement.

Surveys/Questionnaires: Coordinates districtwide surveys.

Research Approval: Reviews applications to conduct research in APS.


Under the direction of the Superintendent and the School Board, Planning and Evaluation leads the process for gathering data, analyzing, and planning strategically to determine how APS can best meet future capacity needs and make effective use of resources. This department supports others throughout the division in managing projects that require stakeholder engagement and will result in a major change in policy or infrastructure (e.g. boundaries, new schools, the Strategic Plan).

Planning for Student Enrollment and Capacity: Information is gathered from APS and Arlington County for analysis to report on projected enrollment and planned capacity utilization to facilitate decisions on capacity and resources for the upcoming school year and the long term. When capacity is managed through boundary adjustments, this department manages the process of determining and recommending planning unit changes and engaging with the community to best meet the needs of students.

Project Management: Planning and Evaluation coordinates and manages district-wide innovations by initiating cross department teams, planning, guiding, and executing the work to achieve specific goals and meet specific criteria within the specified time.

Stakeholder Information and Engagement: This department informs stakeholders of major APS initiatives in a timely, inclusive and transparent manner, using a multi-faceted approach to obtain input from all stakeholders interested in and impacted by School Board decisions on these initiatives. This is accomplished through the Engage webpage and, community meetings and questionnaires, updates distributed through School Talk and the APS Ambassador program, social media, presentations at PTA and other community group meetings, and more.

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