Gallery Walk: See the site options for 1300 high school seats

The purpose of the self-guided gallery walk is to provide the community an opportunity to view the same information APS and County staff used to develop scenarios for the 1300 seats sites. In addition to the online gallery, there will be three in-person gallery walks:

  • May 22: Kenmore Middle School (library) from 5-8pm
  • May 22: Education Center (School Board Meeting Room) from 5-8pm
  • May 25: Career Center (Common Area) from 5-8pm

The same information about all three sites will be available at all of the in-person and online gallery walks so it is only necessary to view materials online or at one in-person gallery walk.

The community can provide comments using the online form below or, at the in-person gallery walk, on a comment card. Comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 26.  APS will post all of the comments online shortly thereafter.  

ProcessHow the scenarios were developed

 Comparison of all sites

Breakdown of options:

May 23 Community Gallery Walk Comments

May 25 Community Gallery Walk Comments


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