Canvas App – Google Cloud Assignment

The following directions are for a Google Cloud Assignment in Canvas. When students open the assignment, Google Drive will create a copy of the file as the student’s submission. Students can make changes per the assignment instructions directly from the Canvas assignment page. When they are ready to submit the assignment, they can submit the assignment. The copied document is also added to the student’s Google Drive folder for the course.

  • The Assignment Details page displays information about your assignment.
  • At the top of the page is the Assignment title and the number of points. Next is the due date and the Submission Type which will say External Tool for this type of assignment.  Then the student will see the number of attempts allowed and the Attempts Used.
Canvas app file upload details
  • If there is a Rubric for the assignment students can see the details by clicking on Submission and Rubric. Under Description students will see details added by the teacher. When ready students click Launch External Tool.
Canvas app Google cloud assignment launch tool
  • If prompted students must click Authorize to allow the Canvas – Google integration.
Canvas app authorize Google
  • If prompted sign in to MyAccess@APS
MyAccess@APS sign in page
  • Tap on the student’s account to choose. Then Allow for access.

Canvas browser choose Google account

Canvas allow Google Account

  • The embedded document will appear on the page. Tap on the name of the document.


Canvas App Google Cloud file name
  • If prompted Sign In to Google Docs. Tap Continue.

Canvas app Google cloud sign in

Canvas app Google Cloud continue

  • Enter the student email which is and tap Next. Sign in on the MyAccess@APS page with the student username and password. Click Go.


Canvas app Google sign in

MyAccess@APS sign in page

  • The document will open in the appropriate Google application. Edit the document according to the teacher’s directions.

Canvas app Google cloud open

This is a Google docs example.

  • When finished return to Canvas and tap Submit to turn in the assignment.
Canvas app Google Cloud assignment submit

For more information see How to Submit a Google Cloud Assignment Submission in the iOS app see this linkin the Canvas Guides.