AFSAP Report

Arlington Facilities and Student Accommodation Plan (AFSAP)

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The 2019 AFSAP provides background information on current and expected student enrollment, and how this data relates to APS school facilities’ existing and planned capacity. Capacity is defined as the number of students that can be accommodated in a permanent school building for instruction. The 2019 AFSAP will shape the development of the CIP for Fiscal Years (FY) 2021-30.

Executive Summary
AFSAP Report – with Executive Summary
Appendix A: Design Reports – Studies conducted between 2011 and 2017, which provide school expansion options that have been considered and might still be possible at existing school sites
Appendix B: Design Cost Estimate Reports – Relative scale of costs associated with each option. These costs need to be escalated to match today’s construction costs
Appendix C: MC/MM Update
Appendix D: Draft PreK-12 Instructional Program Pathways (IPP) Report
Appendix E: Superintendent’s 2019 Annual Update
Appendix F: FAC Future Facilities Needs Report
Appendix G: Facilities Optimization Study SY 2017-18
Appendix H: Glossary of Terms

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Capacity utilization measures the extent that school buildings are occupied by comparing actual and projected PreK to Grade 12 student enrollment to the permanent seat capacity at each school. The purpose of the capacity utilization table is to show projected seat availability by school and by year for the next decade. This data helps APS to assess capacity needs and the type of solution (capital or non‐capital) to accommodate students.

The link below provides updated capacity utilization using Fall 2020 ten-year enrollment projections and supersedes the capacity utilization tables in the 2019 AFSAP, pages 28 to 33. The capacity utilization tables use black text color to show utilization that is less than 100%, orange text coloring to show utilization that is between 100 and just under 110%, and red text coloring to show utilization at or above 110%. Permanent seat capacity approved in the FY 2019‐2028 Capital Improvement Plan is highlighted in light green shading.

Please note that the projected school-level capacity utilization data does not reflect unknown future program moves, school boundary changes, addition of new buildings, etc. This information should be used only as a general planning tool to assess where future seats may be needed.

All Arlington Public Schools (APS) budget and operations decisions are based on the best information available at the time. Staff and community members are reminded that funding forecasts from Arlington County and the state may change, based on many external factors. Similarly, student enrollment and projections are based on the best available information, but are also subject to change due to employment, housing and other economic factors. For these reasons, APS and the Arlington School Board may adjust future budget allocations, staffing and other operations decisions to reflect the existing community and operating landscape.

Updated Capacity Utilization Tables, School Years 2019-20 to 2029-30




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