Canvas App – Inbox email

See How to log in to the Canvas app here.

Once the app is open:

  • On the bottom of the screen is the Global Navigation menu. Click on the inbox icon. If the Inbox link includes a numbered indicator, the indicator shows how many unread messages you have in your Inbox. Once you read the new messages, the indicator will disappear.
Canvas app inbox icon
  • Messages for your selected course and Inbox appear in the left Inbox panel. The Inbox is organized chronologically from newest to oldest with the newest conversations appearing on top. When you select a message [1], all messages in the conversations thread appear in the right Inbox panel [2].
Canvas inbox conversations
  • Filter your messages by course by clicking on the Filter link. To compose a new message click the plus sign (add icon).
Canvas app new message
  • When composing a new message, select a course using the arrow in the Select a Course box. Click the plus sign to select recipients or begin typing names in the the To box. Enter a Subject in the subject line. Type the message in the compose message area. Click on the paper clip (attach icon) to attach a file or media.


Canvas app inbox compose

  • When adding an attachment students can record audio and video from within the app (this feature is not available in the browser version of Canvas). Students may also attach files saved on the device.
  • When ready tap the Send link.
Canvas app inbox attachment

For more information see the Canvas Guides on how to use the inbox in the student app here.