Social Work Internships

Field Placement students are assigned to School Social Workers, in the school setting, under the general guidance of the Supervisor, School Psychology and Social Work. Social Workers at APS help parents, students and school staff identify needs that interfere with learning, and work with students and families to get services they need. Social Workers work with both general and special education students and their families to resolve social, emotional and behavioral problems through listening, assessing, consulting with students, parents and staff, and providing direct services (individual and group counseling, risk assessments, crisis management).  Social workers refer families for appropriate services in the community (local food banks, clothing distribution sites, support for homeless students, medical intervention, and more). Social Workers also get involved when absenteeism and tardiness affect a student’s performance at school to try and help parents and students overcome obstacles to regular attendance.

APS has an affiliation agreement with George Mason University and Catholic University, and only accepts field placement students from those two schools. The process for Social Work interns begins with the student’s Field Placement Office at either George Mason or Catholic University.  APS will refer any student who inquires directly to APS about a field placement opportunity back to the student’s Field Placement office. After receiving a referral of a potential student from George Mason or Catholic University, APS will set up an interview with that student to determine that the placement at APS is mutually agreeable and appropriate for both the student and APS.  Field Placements are unpaid and follow the dates of the referring university’s school calendar. After a student is accepted by APS, the student will then need to complete other requirements including a TB test/screening and criminal background check before working in an APS school.

APS will generally interview 2nd Year students and Advanced Standing students (20-24 hours per week placements) in March and April.  Interviews for 1st Year MSW students (16 hours per week placements) will take place in May-June, if field placement opportunities remain available. APS typically takes one-four field placement students per year, depending on the number of applicants and available supervisors.

Please submit the following application documents in one email:

Subject Line:   Name—Field Experience Application

Addressed to:  Wendy Carria, Supervisor, Psychology and Social Work
Arlington Public Schools